Health & Wellness Expo

The start of a new year is the perfect time to take stock and make sure your ‘house is in order’ on all levels – health, home, fitness, financial security, etc.  The Annual Health & Wellness Expo is held annually on a busy Saturday in early March at the Northshore Mall and offers a unique opportunity to speak directly to consumers about how your product or service can save them time, money or stress.

Take advantage of the incredible foot traffic at one of New England’s largest shopping centers to market directly to consumers, locate new prospects, generate leads, set up appointments and build customers relationships.  Booth space is set up in the main corridor of the mall from the food court to Macy's featuring exhibitors that include hospitals, health insurance providers, massage & bodywork, yoga, senior services, health & fitness facilities, etc.

General admission to the Health & Wellness Expo is free.  Reach thousands of customers in just one day!

Benefits include:

Exposure to thousands of residents of the North Shore 

Ability to network with consumers and vendors 

Grow your customer base on the North Shore 

Provide free demonstrations or screenings

All exhibitors receive:

One skirted table (6ft) with 2 chairs, 3ft high pipe & drape setup 

Free Wi-Fi 

Electricity avialable for an additional fee  

Publicity through 3 Chambers of Commerce:  Peabody, Beverly & Salem

Exhibit Space Sells Out Fast!