Peabody Education Foundation brings Innovation to the Classroom

Teachers are the creative resource who help our children learn the life skills they need to thrive in our world. What happens, however, when a teacher has a great idea to bring to the classroom, but there is just no money to pay for it? 

Before the Peabody Education Foundation (PEF) was established, those great ideas would never see the light of day.   Since 1985 the PEF has made sure that those great ideas to improve our instructional programs are funded through a program we appropriately named “Best Bet”.  Each year our classroom teachers apply for educational resource grants to the PEF, hoping to bring innovation and new ideas to the classroom.  Since its inception, this program has impacted literally tens of thousands of students across our city from kindergarten to grade 12.  With Best Bet, a teacher never has to wonder – What if? – rather they get a chance to see the results of their creative ideas in the eyes of their students. 

This year alone, the PEF has funded over $30,000 in grants directly to our city’s classrooms for resources that would not be available in the regular school budget.  All told, through the years, this has amounted to over $1 million dollars of direct support to the education of our students!  Quite an accomplishment for a small organization of volunteers, but really something to make us all proud. 

To continue this effort we need community support and we hope that you will take a moment to visit our website at to learn more about Best Bet and the many other programs that we provide.  Every dollar that you contribute goes directly back into the classroom.  Please help us to continue to bring fresh new and innovative ideas to our classroom by supporting the Peabody Education Foundation.  Our teachers and more importantly our children appreciate your support.  The PEF is a 501(c)3 organization and thus your donations are tax deductible.